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Sharis Cid has tested positive for Covid-19


Sep 5, 2020

Sharis Cid

The artist received a positive result after being tested after experiencing allergy symptoms.

Sharis Cid has joined the list of celebrities who have been infected with Covid-19.

Via Instagram, the star revealed that since Thursday of last week he began to feel bad, but thought it was an allergy.

“I am positive for covid. Oh, it feels horrible, ”she shared. “I started to feel like an allergy at four in the afternoon when I went for a walk around my house, in the garden. I am allergic to cats and I passed by a house where there are many cats, that same Thursday night I already had a stuffy nose, a cough ”.

On the other hand, the actress shared with her followers the symptoms that she has felt so far.

“I absolutely did not feel loss of smell, I did not lose taste, my head does not hurt, my body does not hurt, I feel extremely good (…), my mind is goat …, yesterday that they gave me the positive result I started with symptoms again, my head started to hurt, I felt panicked, my body ached. As I was talking with my infectologist I was calming down, “he added.

Sharis Cid is already taking medication and recommended that they take the necessary measures to avoid catching coronavirus.

“To 99 percent of the population this damn virus is going to give us that some say does not exist, how is it going to exist, if there are 60 people close to me that it has given (…), I have to isolate myself until on September 17, after that date I am a new Sharis ”, she concluded.

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