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Alpine lands in F1

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 6, 2020

It had been anticipated for a few days. It is now official. Cyril Abiteboul, the boss of the Renault team, having been entrusted with the Alpine file by the CEO of Renault, we sensed that Alpine, a French car manufacturer created in 1955, was going to make its arrival in Formula 1, and that s’ is confirmed this Sunday. A few hours before the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, the Renault team announced the arrival of Alpine by its side from the 2021 season. Alpine will supply the chassis and Renault the Renault E-TECH hybrid engine and the team will therefore be called Alpine F1 Team. “This change comes at a key moment in the trajectory of the team and the sport,” says Cyril Abiteboul in a press release. Alpine brings a new meaning, new values ​​and colors to the paddock with the spirit of competition from other worlds and French creative agility. These will be assets in the preparation of the 2022 deadlines. The new regulatory and financial framework will establish the conditions for a more equitable motor sport in its redistribution of income, simpler and more progressive in its governance. The implementation of the “budget cap” will put an end to the race to spend and will make it possible to promote the signatory teams for their sporting value. Alpine has its place in Formula 1 and will be able to claim victory. “

Alpine, a manufacturer used to rallying and endurance racing

“Alpine is a beautiful brand, powerful and vibrant, which puts a smile on the faces of its followers, rejoices Renault CEO Luca De Meo, present at Monza this Sunday. By launching Alpine, a symbol of French excellence, in the most prestigious of world automotive disciplines, we are continuing the manufacturers’ adventure in a renewed sport. We also bring a dream brand alongside the biggest names, for spectacular car races made and watched by enthusiasts. Alpine will finally bring its values ​​to the Formula 1 paddock: elegance, ingenuity and daring. ” Next season, Renault’s yellow and black colors will therefore give way to the blue colors of Alpine, a flagship brand in motorsport., but which until then had particularly shone in rally, endurance, and in Formula 2 and 3. Next year, it is in the discipline-queen of the mechanical sports that Alpine will want to make shine the French colors, with Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso at the wheel.

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