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Olivier Giroud (Chelsea) does not fear Timo Werner

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 6, 2020

Chelsea had an XXL transfer window this summer and the competition is bound to be tough for Blues players in the coming season, at all levels. Despite the acquisition of Timo Werner by the London club, Olivier Giroud remains calm. The French international striker believes he has a different profile than the German and remains convinced that he will have playing time, as he explained at the microphone of Telefoot.

“A different profile”

“I proved to the coach that he could count on me. I haven’t spoken with him yet, but the competition is going to take us to the top and a big club must have different options every time. We want to join the title race and I’m here (…) I’m here, I finished the season well. Werner does not have the same profile as me, I hope to have some playing time, added the Blues forward for the Sunday show. Competitor, Giroud will now have to put this state of mind into practice on the meadow.

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