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Camavinga and the big brother Nzonzi

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 7, 2020

A week ago, Eduardo Camavinga took his first steps at Clairefontaine. The great debut of the French prodigy in the blue house was accompanied by his teammate in Rennes, Steven Nzonzi. ” He has the role of a big brother. He was one of the first to congratulate me on my selection, and when I arrived at Clairefontaine he came to my room: we talked a bit about everything, he explained to me how things were going here and we are gone to workout together. »Explained the 17-year-old during his first press conference with the France team.

Camavinga: “Nzonzi the big brother, Pogba the model”

This relationship between the two men has had time to build for several months. During the winter, the World champion arrived in Rennes on loan. Even before his first Breton training, the 31-year-old had been asked about his future association with Camavinga.He’s a very good young player. What he does at his age is not easy, so it will be interesting to play alongside him. When I was 17, I was playing in the CFA, it was already very complicated, so what he does in Ligue 1 is very interesting.

On arriving in Rennes, Nzonzi released Camavinga

Six months later, the two players were selected together for the France team. A way to consolidate the link between the two midfielders. If the big brother Nzonzi was able to promote the adaptation of young Camavinga to the Blues, he also allowed him to take a step forward in the club. And not just with the sharing of experience. The Rennes number 10 has taken on a new dimension since the player who belongs to Roma signed. Worn out by the sequence of matches, the player trained in Rennes was initially able to breathe like other hopes of his age. A way to avoid overwork. And to come back even stronger.

He could then be used in a new role, the one that allowed him to knock on the door of the France team. Very efficient at the sentry post, Camavinga was freed by the arrival of Nzonzi. The defensive midfielder returned to the more experienced of the two, which gave the young prodigy more freedom and even more possibilities to express himself offensively to make stats and impress. It is in a number 8 register in a three-way environment that Camavinga has shone against Lille and then Montpellier since the start of the season. He was able to use his creativity and his efficiency in the duels to weigh on the Breton offensive game.

A metamorphosis that announces a bright future for a player who is already promising but who now seems to use his full potential. It remains to be seen whether the association which helped Rennes to obtain a historic qualification for the Champions League will be renewed on the international scene with the Blues. Whatever happens, if the native of Miconje ​​takes his first steps with the France team on Tuesday, Steven Nzonzi will not be very far.

France: Camavinga, the start of a blue dream?

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