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Kita ready to extend Gourcuff

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 7, 2020
It is a voice that we had not yet heard since the controversy last week between the coach of the U19 FC Nantes, Stéphane Ziani, and the coach of the professional team, Christian Gourcuff. After the media outings of the former Canaries player, who criticized the Breton for his lack of interest in young people in training, a response from Christian Gourcuff in the newspapers and then an intervention by Philippe Mao, it was Waldemar Kita who spoke. During an interview with the new channel Telefoot, the president of FC Nantes explained his position vis-à-vis his coach: “I think so, the story will continue with Gourcuff,” said the Franco-Polish leader. He is a person of honor, who does not like conflicts, very respectful. We get along very well and when we see each other, we speak the same speech. “

This support must have pleased the coach of the first team, whose image had been somewhat tarnished by Ziani a few days before. Not only the former Rennes coach was given the support of sports coordinator Philippe Mao, but that of the president on Monday put him in a more comfortable position with therefore a very likely contract extension. Christian Gourcuff should, as he has already announced, end his football career at FC Nantes no matter what. In a year, as his contract says, or possibly at a later date.

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