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Russell Westbrook’s faults

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 8, 2020

Doctor Russell and Mister Westbrook. The start of the series between Houston and Los Angeles reminded all Texans fans of the double-sided Marsupilami. Draft but very present during game 1 with 24 pts at 10/24 shooting plus 9 rebounds and 6 assists, the former star leader of the Thunder sank in large widths during game 2 : 10 points at 4/15 shooting with 7 lost balls! Unable to punish with his shoot the two-way strikes on James Harden, the number 0 collapsed in a game that could have been a first turn in favor of the Rockets in this semi-final of the Western Conference.

The Lakers’ defense voluntarily forgets it

Tense in his game and often annoyed by refereeing decisions, Russell Westbrook was not at the level hoped for against LeBron James & Co. Transferred to Houston to allow James Harden to benefit from a luxury lieutenant in the choppy matches, the MVP 2017 missed his meeting. Without knowing if he can reverse the trend as the defense of the Angelenos is settled throughout this series, Westbrook ultimately suffers from his profile.

LeBron and Davis rebel against Houston!

A profile that denotes in Houston

Non-threatening at long distance, the former Oklahoma City player denotes in the Rockets’ horseshoe system. He cannot punish with his 3-point address and the Lakers, aware of his deficiencies, leave him alone to better wait for him near the circle and make it difficult for him with Anthony Davis, JaVale McGee and LeBron James. His attacking qualities should allow him to find intervals to stand out on a distinguished shooter (PJ Tucker, Robert Covington, Eric Gordon). Except that too often, Westbrook chooses to shoot halfway. He is also the only player in the group to dare this in Houston, where shooting from 3-4 meters has long been banned from D’Antoni’s tactics. As if to recall that he is not a simple role player. Reaction expected during game 3 tonight (03h – The Daily News Box 1).

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