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Lens traps a revamped PSG with no idea!

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 11, 2020

It was therefore not until the end of the summer to see the champion of France make his return to school. A return to business like no other, of course. The best students were missing, for the circumstances that we know. The researcher Thomas Tuchel therefore had to innovate to concoct an unprecedented eleven by launching a host of young people – Kalimuendo, Kais Ruiz, or Bulka – supervised by a few staff already on the bridge (Kimpembe, Bernat, Kurzawa, Verratti, Herrera, Gueye and Sarabia).

A perfect plan for the people of Lens

Lens, opposite, also made a big leap into the unknown. For its big comeback in Ligue 1, this stronghold of French football had the opportunity to measure itself against the country’s benchmark team. She did it with her weapons: athletic impact, verticality and an ardor not always mastered. The style opposition was visible from the start of the match. The young Parisians immediately sought to put the game down by proceeding by placed attacks, with a good occupation of the width and the availability. Paris held the ball when Lens stung from the recovery. Freshly landed this summer, the former Ni├žois Ganago lit the first match this way by finding the post after a nice individual rush (17th).

Articulated around a Verratti always so easy, the band in Tuchel responded without deviating from its guideline. The virtuosity and the vista of the little Italian had repercussions on the confidence and audacity of young Parisian shoots. Everything was not to be thrown away. We saw Arnaud Kalimuendo scrambling on the front of the attack, alternating game of fixation and deep calls. We saw Kays Ruiz provoke, dare and infiltrate between the lines. The young midfielder tried his luck on a curled shot that touched the post of Leca (22nd). The Parisian pressure increased but the Sang et Or remained threatening, reinforcing the uncertainty during a pleasant and disputed first act.

The helpless young Parisian guard

The second started out on the same basis. Paris continued to hold the ball to highlight the technical quality of their titis in the short game. But all these neophytes lack a profession in the zones of truth. There is a form of logic to this. Not sharp enough in front, the Parisians were sanctioned on their first mistake: a failed relaunch from Bulka which Ganago took advantage of, who did not tremble to shoot him and blow up Bollaert (1-0, 57th). The Parisians then had half an hour to revolt with their means of the day.


A feeling of helplessness then crossed the Parisian ranks. The last half hour called for an attack-defense configuration, but this balance of power ultimately favored the Lensois, more comfortable defending low. Always diligent in the preparation, Tuchel’s men did not have the weapons to create shifts in the last thirty meters, especially as fatigue increased as time passed. Only an off-frame free kick from Ander Herrera sent a thrill through Bollaerd’s sparse spans.

And it was even the Blood and Gold who came close to the break in some hot situations, where Medina was very close to exploiting a rebate from Sotoca (80th). In short, the matter was settled. For its big comeback in Ligue 1, Racing Club de Lens makes an impression by bringing down the French champion. A PSG which will have an answer to give this Sunday, against the great rival Marseille …

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