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No goal between Bordeaux and OL

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 11, 2020

After a first warm-up round against DFCO (4-1), Olympique Lyonnais had every intention of making the pass of two on the lawn of Bordeaux, this Friday evening, at the opening of the third day of Ligue 1. Garcia’s men did not succeed, in a long-closed tactical opposition.

OL did not find the opening

The first point to note is that the system of the great European epic has indeed become a signature, a structure. He seems to match the characteristics of this group, with the difference that Rudi Garcia takes a little density in the middle to add a third head in attack when the Lyonnais are in a dominant position. This is the case in Ligue 1, and it will remain so, most of the time. OL therefore came to Gironde with the ambition of being the protagonist in this balance of power., in the same 3-4-3 as against Dijon, Memphis supporting Dembélé and Toko-Ekambi at the forefront. On the Bordeaux side, the 4-2-3-1 concocted by Jean-Louis Gasset guaranteed a good grid of the ground.

From the first minutes, the Lyonnais set the tone by alternating a direct game in depth and good use of the sides. Two phases of play illustrated in the first two hot situations: Put into orbit by Dembélé, Toko-Ekambi sent a first thrill in the Bordeaux area (2nd), before Dembélé, this time at the end of the chain, saw the frame evade the reception of a tense cross from Cornet (8th). The initiatives were from Lyon. Lyon held the ball in notable proportions and tried to create gaps. But the band at Garcia also lacked imagination, creativity, precision, promptness.

The first act was the symbol of this helplessness. After the first twigs, the pace fell and only Guimaraes, with a mid-distance strike not on target, really worried the low and compact block of the Girondins. As the Girondins did not have enough offensive power to be really incisive on quick attacks, the two teams neutralized each other at this pace until the break. And this configuration did not change after the rest.

Aouar could have changed everything

OL did not deviate from its principles by continuing to insist on the sides, but the debuffs of Léo Dubois and Maxwel Cornet did not generate any clear opportunities. Garcia then launched the revenant Houssem Aouar to bring this technical touch and force the Girondin lock. The latter was also quick to stand out by starting a high-quality collective movement concluded with a dangerous strike from Thiago Mendes (65th). It is he, again, who obtained a well-placed free kick on a lightning full-axis acceleration (79th), before finding the post after a marvel of double-contact which had mystified Koscielny (81st). Despite being in quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19, the young Lyon midfielder is well above the fray. He is a player of international caliber, able to decide a game.

It is a pity that OL could not take advantage of it earlier, because the Bordelais were on the verge of breaking up. Note, however, the interesting situations of the men of Gasset, in the last half an hour when the lines have stretched a bit. Former Parisian Yacine Adli brought a binder to the projections, and Bordeaux was also threatening on a set piece, but the situation has not been released. The Girondins made an intelligent and consistent game, if not brilliant. OL, for their part, lost their first points this season, but did not lose to Bordeaux, which is a lesser evil in the Lyon tradition. Curtain.

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