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Bottas disappointed, Albon satisfied, Ricciardo happy despite everything … The drivers’ reactions

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 13, 2020

Lewis Hamilton (GBR / Mercedes) – Winner

“We had three races in one day. It was incredibly hard today (Sunday) because this circuit is very demanding and the heat is overwhelming. With the raises, we had to stay focused. The first set of tires was worn out and we got home pretty early, then Valtteri Bottas had a problem with his tires but I was able to change them right after without losing my mind. The main thing was to keep him out of the DRS and I was able to control the end of the race, doing the fastest lap which is always a bonus. “

Valtteri Bottas (FIN / Mercedes) – 2nd

“I am frankly disappointed because I could not have dreamed of a better start. I also managed to keep my position during the restart under the safety car regime. Then… I have a hard time remembering all the moments of this Grand Prix because there were so many, but it’s as if I had no more opportunity after losing my position on the second standing start. I can only keep pushing, to try to do better next time. Luck will end up smiling at me at some point! “

Alexander Albon (THA / Red Bull Racing) – 3rd

“It took me a while to get on the podium, but finally here I am. To be honest, I finally breathe, here I am relieved of a great weight. I have to thank the whole team for the continued support they have shown me. The car was doing well in the race and I was careful at the starts, but I was able to recover afterwards even though the overtaking is not obvious here. We had a great fight with Daniel Ricciardo at the end and it ended well for me. “

Daniel Ricciardo (AUS / Renault) – 4th

“I’m really happy with this race and we were so close to the podium once again. It was a long day with a long race due to the incidents and the stops, but the important thing is that all the riders are fine. Towards the end, we were aiming for third place, so it’s a shame to miss it for so little. We couldn’t get any closer and we will keep attacking to get there. Our starts were good, we passed Valtteri Bottas, but Alexander Albon and he were too quick to last. It hurts a bit not to be on the podium after that, but this fourth place is still an excellent result. “

Sergio Pérez (MEX / Racing Point) – 5th

“I think we were able to maximize the situation as well as possible to finish fifth, taking into account how crazy the race was. These are good points for the drivers ‘standings and the constructors’ standings. During this race the key was to keep our focus and stay calm in the face of all the incidents and the red flags, which we were able to do. I think the podium was within our reach today (Sunday) but we didn’t have the pace and the balance to get there. “

Charles Leclerc (MCO / Ferrari) – 8th

“I got off to a good start to move up to third position. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the pace to maintain this position and we ended up in eighth place. I tried to fight as much as possible but it was not enough today (Sunday). A lot happened during the race but one thing has not changed, we have to work hard to improve our level of performance. The race itself was quite fun. Every standing start I was happy because it was an opportunity for us to try something and fight to win positions. The car was a bit difficult to drive, especially on the hard tires. Towards the end it got better on the softer tires but overall it’s really tough right now so we have to keep our heads up and stay motivated. I hope better times will soon arrive. “

Sebastian Vettel (ALL / Ferrari) – 10th

“The start was not one of the best, but I had a good run until turn 1 staying inside, out of any problem. Then, when I got to the second corner, I saw that the McLaren had spun off but I couldn’t avoid hitting it. Fortunately, when the safety car hit the track, we were able to change the front wing and join the race. I would have preferred to capitalize a little more on the mistakes of others, but at least we had the chance to stay away from accidents. What is positive is that we were able to finish in the points but we cannot be happy with our position. “

Romain Grosjean (FRA / Haas) – 12th

“Honestly, when it hits turn 3, I feel the strong impact on the body, I have a good shock. At first instinct, I turn off the car, telling myself it’s over. Afterwards, I say to myself: ‘Come on, I still have two wheels in the grass, with a little luck I can restart’. I restart the engine, I put the first one, I drive, it seemed to go more or less straight in the straight line … I thought we were going to try. At the first red flag, I saw the damage on the car: the left side half was missing! Fortunately, the radiator was not affected. There were fourteen cars left on the track so we gave it a try telling ourselves that maybe ten cars would be left at the end and we would be tenth. It is the biggest fear of my career in Formula 1. I saw the accident happen. I shifted to the left, and there, I saw the Renault go up on the brakes. I don’t know what happened in front, honestly, but I saw the Renault slow down so I slowed down, and there I saw that the others had not seen … It started in all the senses, Kevin Magnussen almost passed over me. I was especially worried about those behind. I didn’t want to take an impact from behind at all. Honestly, it’s one of the hottest days of my career, and it could have ended very badly. We need to understand what happened up front. It was very dangerous. “

Esteban Ocon (FRA / Renault) – Withdrawal

“We suffered from overheating of the brakes and that is the reason for our retirement today (Sunday). The rear brakes were on fire behind the safety car and this damaged the rear of the car and the brake system. We couldn’t get the car back during the red flag. We were well positioned at the start, but I had to take the outside and Carlos Sainz Jr and I lost a few places. I felt we had the pace for good points. It seemed like a great race with a lot of action. It’s getting pretty crazy this year and it’s all the more interesting since it offers more opportunities to sign big results. “

Pierre Gasly (FRA / AlphaTauri) – Withdrawal

“I made a decent start, after we met a lot (of riders) at the first corner, I saw that there was room in the middle of the track, I found myself between Giovinazzi and Grosjean I think it closed. In the end, we touched each other, so that’s for sure not what we would have wanted. It’s a shame because it worked all free practice. Yesterday (Saturday), after qualifying, we saw that we had damaged the front wing, that explained why we had lost in performance. But I was confident to go back today (Sunday), there was something to do. Of course we are missing an opportunity. “

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