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Ice hockey – NHL (play-offs): Dallas is almost there

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 13, 2020
Coming years later, the Dallas Stars are very close to a new Stanley Cup final! The Texans lead 3-1 in their Western Conference final against Las Vegas, after their 2-1 success this Saturday in Game 4. The three goals of this game were all scored in the second period: Alex Martinez opened the score for the Golden Knights in the 28th in power play, then Joe Pavelski equalized in the 32nd and Jamie Benn gave the victory to Dallas in the 40th, again in power play. Match 5 will take place on Monday, and Vegas has no room for error!


Conference Finals

Western Conference (in Edmonton)

Las Vegas Golden Knights (1) – Dallas Stars (3): 1-3
Match 1 – Las Vegas – Dallas : 0-1
Match 2 – Las Vegas – Dallas: 3-0
Match 3 – Dallas – Las Vegas: 3-2 (ap)
Match 4 – Dallas – Las Vegas: 2-1
Game 5 on Monday September 14
Game 6 (if necessary) on Wednesday September 16
Game 7 (if necessary) on Friday September 18

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