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GP of Tuscany: The race in questions

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 14, 2020

Mugello hard on tires and bodies?

YES. Known for hosting the Italian MotoGP Grand Prix since 1994 after a first race in 1992, the Mugello was a novelty for all of F1, including its sole tire manufacturer Pirelli. Old-fashioned layout, demanding by its almost non-stop rapid succession of curves, the Tuscan layout offered the drivers an almost unprecedented challenge and it was felt. After the race Lewis Hamilton agreed the Mugello is “demanding” and during the race Mercedes suffered on their tires. A concern which even pushed the German team, towards the middle of the race, to require its two pilots to avoid at all costs climbing on the vibrators to protect the integrity of the tires. Problems that resemble those experienced at Silverstone, another circuit rich in curves at high speed. This first race at Mugello clearly weighed on the drivers, Daniel Ricciardo having ensured in qualifying that he was exhausted after a round of attack … A challenge that they gladly accepted and, to hear them, they want more!

Bottas responsible for the crash at the restart?

IT IS NOT EXEMPT FROM ANY RESPONSIBILITY. Back to the facts. On the 6th lap, when the race started again after the intervention of the safety car, Valtteri Bottas led the peloton at low speed to the timing line, from which the cars can overtake. In doing so, the Finn created uncertainty in the peloton as to when to regain the gas and restart the race. It was then that Antonio Giovinazzi accelerated earlier than the others and embedded his Alfa Romeo Racing in the back of Kevin Magnussen’s Haas, causing Carlos Sainz Jr and Nicholas Latifi to retire at the same time. To be clear, such an accident could have taken place at the first corner if Valtteri Bottas had decided to restart the race much earlier but it is impossible to totally exonerate the Finn in this accident, he who was only guided by one thing. , his desire to trap his teammate Lewis Hamilton during this revival. A small game to which the Finn will have finally lost, falling back in the hierarchy during each of the two stopped starts.

Did Renault miss the boat for the podium?

NO. For a long time, Daniel Ricciardo believed in Renault’s first podium since Nick Heidfeld at the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2011, which was the brand’s 100th diamond. But, when you look at the situation more closely, the Australian did not necessarily have the weapons to hope to finish the race in the Top 3 and put Renault back on the “box” nine years later. If the RS20 regained its pace during qualifying and then in the race, it was not enough to compete with the Red Bull Racing of an Alexander Albon attracted by the idea of ​​signing the first podium of his career, a week after the victory for Pierre Gasly, whom he replaced in the Milton Keynes team, with AlphaTauri, “the B team” of the Red Bull galaxy. As at Monza last year or at Spa-Francorchamps this year, fourth place was the best possible result at Mugello for the future Alpine team and Daniel Ricciardo was happy with that at the end of the race. What is certain is that Renault is on the right path and that a few details are simply missing to be able to take advantage of situations as incredible as the one experienced during this Grand Prix of Tuscany.

What weekend for Gasly after his victory?

TO FORGET ! In a week, a lot can change. For Pierre Gasly, the change was radical. Heroic winner at Monza, the AlphaTauri rider had an almost catastrophic weekend at Mugello. In great shape during free practice, settling in the Top 5 in two of the three sessions, the Normand was able to approach the qualifying session with confidence. But, as he later admitted, a damaged spoiler and aero elements kept him from getting the most out of his AT01 and failing to pass Q1 for 16th place on the starting grid. In the peloton with a first series of turns conducive to clashes, Pierre Gasly was sandwiched by Kimi Räikkönen and Romain Grosjean, trying to go through a mouse hole to finally finish his race after two turns in a gravel pit. You could almost say that the Frenchman went “from hero to zero” but that would undoubtedly be an exaggeration as his performance at Monza will remain in the annals.

What 1000th GP for Ferrari?

WHEN OPPORTUNISM HIDES A LACK OF IMPROVEMENT. Initially scheduled for the French Grand Prix at Le Castellet, the 1000th F1 Grand Prix in Scuderia Ferrari’s history finally took place on a circuit it owns, the Mugello. But, during this Ferrari 1000 Grand Prix of Tuscany (official name of the race), the only red car that led the race will remain … the safety car that Mercedes, to mark the occasion, recolored in a typical red of the Maranello brand. If Charles Leclerc tried to fight at the forefront at the start, holding third place until the 18th lap, the Monegasque suffered the lack of rhythm of his SF1000 while Sebastian Vettel, handicapped by a collision at the start with Carlos Sainz Jr, had to navigate the peloton throughout the race. Fortunately, the scenario of Monza and a double retirement was avoided but Ferrari did not have the weapons to fight at the forefront in this race so important. Both drivers finished in the points, doing a little better than Mercedes last season at the German Grand Prix where the German brand celebrated its 120 years of involvement in motorsport, but without a string of retirements, and not least, maybe Ferrari would have finished once again with a dotted zero.

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