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Montpellier: Laborde – Delort, why does it work so well?

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 15, 2020

After only 18 minutes together on a Ligue 1 lawn this season, the Laborde-Delort duo made the nets tremble. This Saturday against Nice, the Algerian deflected the ball with his head to allow his teammate to deceive Walter Benitez. This goal allowed the two forwards to start their third joint season in the best possible way. Between them, they have been decisive 44 times since August 2018. Over this period, the pair of scorers was above all the number 1 asset of Montpellier. Despite similar styles, right-handed and left-handed people get along perfectly. The association of the former Toulousain and the former Bordelais worked from the first matches.

Laborde – Delort: two warriors in the service of Montpellier

As accomplices on the field as off, the two men are constantly looking for each other when it is necessary to make the difference in the opposing penalty area. They have a special feeling and make additional efforts. These two warriors fight to the end. More than a style of play, they share a state of mind that allows them to understand each other in all circumstances. A necessity for two attackers who could have stepped on each other’s toes in a two-point system. Instead, they use their complementarity and especially their versatility to offer a whole range of possibilities to the Hérault offensives. With the head and passing play of one and the qualities of the other in the duels and back to goal, they always have a solution to shine and make the other shine. An agreement that allows them to shine regularly.

What if this is just the beginning?

It is this gift in the service of the collective and his teammate, who is not a competitor, which allows the two attackers to carry Montpellier. Gaëtan Laborde and Andy Delort fight as much to get ahead of the opponents as to allow the other to surpass themselves. A combative state of mind that makes the difference in both offensive and defensive work. And over time, this understanding is perfected with each match and could allow Montpellier to take a new step.

Andy Delort spoke about it in a report by Telefoot last week : “We’re starting to get to know each other with our eyes closed, we’ve been playing together for two years. Even in training, we are both. When I make a deviation, I know what he’s thinking and vice versa. Over time, we only improve and we want it to continue to be even more decisive and take Montpellier as high as possible. “ An evolution that got the better of Nice and that could shake Lyon and the other Ligue 1 clubs. Andy Delort and Gaëtan Laborde get along better than ever and could talk about their efficiency even more than before.

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