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Camila Sodi screams in pain when being tested for Covid-19

ByMicheal Johnson

Sep 16, 2020

Camila sodi

The actress has shared a video where she is seen screaming when the swab is inserted deep into her nose.

Camila Sodi shared a video, in which you can see the moment in which she is being tested for covid-19, and in which she screams in pain.

The actress tested positive for covid-19 last March, and not only she, but also her daughter Fiona, for which they were keeping the indicated confinement and under medical supervision.

Fortunately, they both recovered satisfactorily, but Camila just had another test done, and videotaped the moment the long swab used to take the fluid sample was inserted into her nose.

The actress lets out a huge scream of pain, and says: “I already have it in my brain,” indicating that the hyssop had penetrated a lot.

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