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The Szeged-PSG match still postponed?

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 17, 2020

Will the Szeged-PSG match ever end up taking place? Already postponed for the first time by the European Federation (EHF), last Tuesday, due to a case of coronavirus in the Hungarian camp, the meeting, initially scheduled for Thursday evening but postponed to Sunday, could again be postponed to a later date, to believe The team. According to our colleagues, of a case of Covid-19 within its workforce, Szeged has indeed increased to … five. The Hungarian club in person would also have indicated itself to the attention of the Parisian club that five of its players had tested positive during the week, thus leaving the greatest vagueness again on the holding of the match. Four days before this meeting now scheduled for Sunday and counting for the first day of the Men’s Champions League, Szeged further indicated that the five infected players in question were five major players.

The match postponed to November this time?

Monday, already, after the postponement of the meeting, all members of the Hungarian team, considered to be contact cases, had been placed in quarantine pending a new test, the results of which will be known on Friday. What makes say in the daily newspaper to the spokesperson of Szeged that “in the best scenario, we would have twelve to fourteen players able to play Sunday. “But none of them will have had the opportunity to train this week before Saturday”, specifies the person concerned, in hoping, on behalf of the Hungarian club, that the EHF will take care of postponing the meeting again, even if Szeged has not requested it. “We believe that playing the most prestigious game of this Champions League campaign under such circumstances would carry an extremely high risk of injury. No matter what time the EHF tells us to play, we will play. But we must take into account the risks. “From there to this shock between the two huge favorites for first place in Group A is postponed to the end of the year (a postponement to November is mentioned), there is only one step.

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