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15 respirators were donated to Ecuador to strengthen the care of patients with COVID-19 – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Sep 18, 2020

Quito, September 17, 2020

The The Daily News Box (MSP) received this Thursday a second shipment with fifteen (15) respirators Oxyvita Emergency Ventilator, donated by the Spanish Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Ayuda en Acción, to strengthen the country’s health system in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A month ago, this State portfolio received the first eight (8) respirators at the Mariscal Sucre airport, out of a total of 50. To date, we have added 23 donated equipment. According to the distribution schedule of this international organization, the third shipment, with the remaining 27, will arrive in Ecuador in October.

International investment reached USD 110 thousand. Of that total, USD 70 thousand correspond to respirators and USD 40 thousand for the transfer of equipment, which was paid for by the airlines Air Europa and Iberia. For the country, this contribution means economic savings and, in addition, enormous support to increase its care capacity in the country’s hospitals.

In an official event, at the Spanish embassy in Quito, the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, applauded this great humanitarian gesture and, on behalf of the Ecuadorian people and the National Government, thanked the cooperation. “Thank you for these fans, because the usefulness of each one will save several lives,” he said.

Present at the meeting were Carlos Abella and de Arístegui, Spanish Ambassador to Ecuador; Carlos Hernández, National Director of Ayuda en Acción and Cristina Fuentes, Director of Non-Governmental Cooperation and Evaluation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, authorities from the airlines Air Europa and Iberia, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the International Cooperation Agency participated.

Carlos Hernández highlighted the second installment and specified that these equipment are manufactured at low cost, with a value of around 1,000 euros. “Ecuador is the first country in the region to receive them and we are working for future donations in Peru, Bolivia and Honduras,” he said. He recalled that, at the beginning of the pandemic, the NGO also helped with food and hygiene kits for more than 30,000 people, psychosocial care for 1,700 citizens and protective equipment suits for health personnel.

Faced with the possibility of producing similar respirators in Ecuador, he reiterated his full support to make manufacturing and certification as an Ecuadorian product a reality. “Cooperation is joining efforts between public and private institutions, and we have achieved this,” he stressed.

The respirators were designed by a consortium of Spanish companies made up of Lyntia, McFly Technologies, Vithas, Ennomotive and Fundación Vithas. The characteristics of these medical equipment are for the exclusive use of patients infected by COVID-19. They are destined for the Intensive Care Units (ICU) of the MSP health homes, according to the needs reported by the National Hospital Directorate of the institution.

Ambassador Abella and Arístegui congratulated the people who manufactured these respirators, as they will serve for the recovery of patients infected by the coronavirus. “Spain is in solidarity with the world, and more so with Ecuador. (…) There are 54 projects to help in the field of health cooperation. We deliver thousands of medical equipment and work on future drug donations ”, he concluded.

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