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COVID, poverty, children, storm Sally … Thursday’s news

ByMicheal Johnson

Sep 18, 2020

COVID-19 pushes 150 million children into poverty

The pandemic has caused 150 million more children to now live in so-called multidimensional poverty, which examines not only family income, but access to education, health, nutrition, housing or water.

A study of UNICEF and Save the Children figure in 1.2 billion poor children worldwide, 15% more than before the pandemic.

At least 45% of children in the 70 countries analyzed were seriously deprived of some need.

Although the analysis already shows a dire situation, UNICEF warns that it is likely to get worse in the coming months. “The most worrying thing is that we are closer to the beginning than the end of this crisis”said Henrietta Fore, the agency’s executive director.

The organizations demand social protection measures, distributive fiscal policies, investment in employment and paid leave, and that quality health care be promoted.

© IRC / Schneyder Mendoza

A doctor performs a checkup on a Venezuelan patient in Colombia amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

One in seven COVID-19 cases corresponds to a medical worker and in some countries the proportion is as high as one in threesaid this Thursday the director of the World Health Organization.

Dr. Tedros Adhanon Gebreyesus held a press conference to mark World Patient Safety Day in which he called for healthcare workers to have access to appropriate protective equipment to avoid becoming infected and spreading the disease among their patients or family members.

“Globally, around 14% of COVID-19 cases reported to the WHO correspond to health workers and in some cases the percentage rises to 35%,” said Dr. Tedros, who added that the data is limited and it is difficult to establish how many of these were infected at their jobs or in their communities.

In addition to the risk of infection, health workers are exposed to “stress, extreme fatigue, stigma, discrimination and even violence “, he detailed.

The pandemic increases the risk of conflicts arising around the world, said the General secretary during the ceremony to commemorate the Peace Day.

COVID-19 poses a huge risk for people caught in conflicts and exploits inequalities, pitting communities against others, said António Guterres, who announced that during his speech to the General Assembly next week he will call for a ceasefire again global. “We must silence the weapons and focus on our common enemy: the virus”

After observing a minute’s silence for the victims of war and conflict, the Secretary-General sounded the peace bell.


Satellite image showing Hurricane Sally making landfall on the US Gulf Coast.

Storm Sally made landfall on the US Gulf Coast as a category two hurricane and is expected to cause “catastrophic flooding.”

As it passes through the northwestern area from Florida and southern Alabama, the storm will leave floods that can be deadly. In addition, there could be significant sea level rises.

Hundreds of thousands of people are without electricity and in cities like Pensacola the water has reached a height of five feet.

Sally has already demoted to Tropical depression and now it’s moving through southeastern Alabama toward Georgia and South Carolina.

The Atlantic hurricane season is so active that they have almost exhausted the list of names for storms. If this happens, the Greek alphabet will be used, something that has only happened one other time in history.

The UN meets with relatives of the victims of the protests in Chile


Protests in Chile.

The Office for South America of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights held a series of virtual meetings with relatives of Romario Veloz, Kevin Gómez and Manuel Rebolledo, who died due to the action of officials of the Armed Forces in the context of the social demonstrations that occurred in Chile at the end of 2019.

The family members and their lawyers explained the progress and challenges in the criminal investigations of each case, as key steps to establish responsibilities that are still pending almost a year after the events.
The Office indicated that it is necessary to speed up this type of investigation and trial, and that the State must guarantee that there are no procedural impediments to determine the individual criminal responsibility of the alleged perpetrators.

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