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Der Zakarian responds to Juninho

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 19, 2020
We can say that Lyon, via its sports director, hardly appreciated its defeat against Montpellier on Tuesday in the Hérault (2-1). At the end of the match, the Brazilian had carved out the game played by his opponent: “Here, it’s like that, it swings in front, there is not much football. “This Friday, in a press conference before facing Angers at home (Sunday, 3pm), the former technician of FC Nantes returned to the words of the sports director. “There are some who say that we only throw balloons, I don’t mind, but when they lose against us, they say that we don’t know how to play ball, that we only throw big balls, that ‘we just defend … And her team, what does she do? She just has to defend well and attack well to beat us. They had quality players, they just had to give us more problems and have a lot more situations to be able to score goals. They just had to play. “

Michel Der Zakarian then clarified the substance of his thoughts: “When I see the comments made after the match against OL, it makes me angry with my players because they played a good game. “Before adding to finish:” he said that too to hide the gaps they had in this match. When you lose, you are angry but you have to blame yourself too. We did what we had to do and we did it well. Montpellier (5th, 6 points) will try the pass of three to La Mosson against Angers (9th, 6 points).

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