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Kanye West offers to take back Taylor Swift’s masters

ByMicheal Johnson

Sep 19, 2020

Kanye West, Taylor Swift

The rapper in another controversial message, promises his “enemy” to help Scooter Braun return her songs.

Kanye West has made another outrageous claim – he offers to take back Taylor Swift’s master recordings of Scooter Braun!

“Yeezy” has just offered his services to his longtime enemy, promising… “I WILL PERSONALLY SEE TAYLOR SWIFT GET BACK HIS TEACHERS. SCOOTER IS A FAMILY CLOSE TO FRIENDS ”.

The jaw-dropping offering came amid Ye’s most recent tweet storm, according to TMZ.

Prior to this, he had been criticizing the music industry for days, demanding that artists, including himself, deserve to own their recordings.

This is the second time Taylor Swift has appeared on Kanye West’s Twitter account this week. Previously, she posted a text message exchange with someone suggesting that she follow Taylor’s lead and try buying her masters or re-recording them.

Taylor Swift has been fighting Scooter, Justin Bieber, and Demi Lovato’s manager, who recently bought Big Machine Records, which owns Swift’s first 6 master albums. Taylor is determined to get her songs back and plans to re-record the songs that made her famous.

But Kanye seems to think he can negotiate a deal between Taylor and Scooter, whom he considers a close family friend.

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