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Manchester United start with home loss / Premier League (J3)

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 19, 2020

Not sure to start the match, Paul Pogba was indeed starting the meeting, he who had missed the rally in the France Team due to coronavirus. Donny Van De Beek, he started the meeting on the bench. Which was not going to prevent the Red Devils from conceding the first goal of the meeting. From the 7th minute, Mitchell, who had latitude on the left flank. fed Schlupp who offered a low cross towards the far post and Townsend. The latter, sharper than Shaw, crossed his attempt to open the mark. Pusillanimous in his offensive and cautious in defense, Manchester United thanked De Gea. The Spanish doorman made himself the author of a pretty headline on an attempt signed Ayew just before the break (43rd).

In the second half, the Red Devils saw Paul Pogba try his luck (51st) with a half-hearted strike serenely captured by Guaita, while Mason Greenwood returned to the field after his extra-sporting differences with the England national team in replacing James. On a center of Fosu-Mensah on the hour mark, the young striker crossed his attempt too much. Things were going from bad to worse for United, who would concede a penalty with 20 minutes left, following a hand from Lindelöf on a strike from Ayew. But the former Marseille, responsible for carrying out the sentence, split with a too crushed strike. The Eagles would benefit from the referee’s decision to withdraw the penalty. Indeed, de Gea had left his line at the time of the strike. Zaha advanced in stride, leaving no chance for the Iberian doorman, 2-0 (74th).

Mancuniens furious with the referee would reduce the mark by Van de Beek, their new recruit, who had replaced Pogba (66th). A flat right-footed cross from the Batavian midfielder brought the score to 1-2 before Zaha crucified the locals’ last hopes of equalizing 5 minutes from time, giving himself a personal double on a control sequence, a cross strike consecutively a service signed Mitchell. 1-3, final score, the underperforming Red Devils fall at home to the Eagles for their first Premier League outing this season.

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