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Fonseca explains his choice for Dzeko

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 20, 2020

Roma coach Paulo Fonseca tried to ignore questions over the transfer of Edin Dzeko to Juventus after opting for a place on the bench against Verona for his striker on Saturday night (0-0).

“We can’t say what would have happened if Dzeko had played,” the coach told DAZN.

A Roma-Juventus Sunday in Serie A

Inevitably, Fonseca was asked again about Dzeko’s situation, as leaving him on the bench was tacit confirmation that he was preparing to join another club.

“It was a very difficult week for Dzeko. I made this decision to protect him”, he said.

Luckily, Roma’s next game will be against Juventus (Sunday) so will Dzeko play and for whom? “We’ll see!” Fonseca replied.

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