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Guardiola wants to ‘earn’ a new Manchester City contract

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 20, 2020

Pep Guardiola will start a fifth consecutive campaign at the helm of the same team for the first time in his career when he takes City to Molineux on Monday to face Wolves in their first Premier League game this season. The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager has won six major trophies in four seasons at the Etihad stadium, but failed on the local scene against Liverpool, as well as in the Champions League against Lyon last season.

“I must deserve it”

That leaves one of the most famous coaches of his generation with a lot to prove as the new season approaches, and Guardiola believes his employers are high on the list he needs to impress. “I would love to stay here longer. It’s a place I love to be, but I have to deserve it did he declare. This club has achieved standards over the last decade, but we have to keep it there and I have to earn it. I will see if I deserve it this season, by analyzing how the club is progressing and improving, “said the Spanish manager at a press conference.

“An extension? We haven’t spoken with the club about this,” Guardiola said. “They allow me to do my job as best I can, with all my staff and players, and that’s [ce que je] will continue to do. They didn’t tell me that I have to do this or that, or that I have to win this or that. They told me to play. I know the standards of the club and if I don’t meet the standards I probably don’t deserve [de rester] so I have to win to extend my contract“, lucidly analyzed the Iberian technician.

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