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National Government and Postgraduates sign an agreement – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Sep 20, 2020

Quito, September 19, 2020

The National Government, through the Ministries of Government and Public Health (MSP), reached an agreement with the self-financed postgraduate doctors, within the framework of the provisions of the Organic Law of Humanitarian Support.

As agreed, the doctors who during the emergency produced by COVID-19 are providing their services in the hospitals belonging to the Comprehensive Public Health Network (RIPS) and the Complementary Network, as self-financed postgraduates and scholarships, will be considered doctors in hospital functions and will sign an occasional service contract with the MSP or with the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS), and their respective complementary networks, for the duration of their postgraduate studies. The remuneration will correspond to the category of General Practitioner in hospital functions.

The term of duration of the occasional contracts will necessarily be based on the time in which the self-financed postgraduate doctors and scholarships provide their services in hospital health centers, in their capacity as doctors of training.

In the case of postgraduate scholarship holders, the option of selecting between signing the contract as a Public Servant 7 or maintaining their status as scholarship holder has been considered. When the first option is chosen, the scholarship status automatically concludes, since legally they could not receive double remuneration or stipend. The term of the contract, in this modality, will be from the signing of the document, since the scholarship holders have received their payments through the scholarship.

It should be noted that the Humanitarian Law provides for new unbudgeted expenses and investments for 2020, while all the reforms that established sources of financing were eliminated. If only self-financed postgraduates took advantage of this contractual modality (keeping the number of postgraduates fixed), the country would require USD 30 million per year to cover salaries.

The National Government makes the necessary efforts to ensure the source of financing that guarantees compliance with these conditions. The contracts will be signed during next October and payments will be made according to fiscal availability.

Meanwhile, the country’s universities will be asked for the list of scholarship holders and self-financed postgraduates who are serving in the National Public Health System or in the National Social Security System and within a period of no more than 30 days the institutions must update its regulations for the respective contracting.



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