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MSP guarantees the rights of pregnant and lactating women – The Daily News Box

ByKathleen Dupont

Sep 21, 2020

Quito, September 21, 2020

The Constitutional Court (CC) issued a favorable ruling in the case of 19 protection actions presented by pregnant women, breastfeeding and caring for the newborn, who worked in the public sector, under the modality of provisional appointments, service contracts occasional and free removal charges.

The majority of citizens were notified with the termination of their employment contracts, before completing their term, in accordance with what is determined by the Organic Law of Public Service (Losep).

These were the cases of Carla and Michelle, who gave notice of their pregnancy in the public institutions where they worked and were later removed from their positions. However, both relied on the Law and the judges annulled the notifications, guaranteeing their job stability.

Given these facts, with regard to the The Daily News Box (MSP), the CC ordered:

  • Promote breastfeeding and together with the Ministries of Labor and Economic and Social Inclusion and the National Council for Gender Equality, progressively guarantee the right to care, caring work environments, access and availability of safe and adequate spaces for female workers. that are breastfeeding.
  • In addition, to work in an inter-institutional way in the follow-up and monitoring of the lactation centers and child daily care centers implemented in public institutions.
  • The governing bodies of work, health, inclusion and equality will elaborate and implement a “Model of Work Environments for Care”, in a participatory way, with criteria from women’s organizations, unions, academia and experts on the subject.
  • Likewise, they will implement a permanent campaign to raise awareness, protect and promote breastfeeding in public spaces, encouraging support for this activity with certifications.

The The Daily News Box will implement and execute all actions in compliance with current legal regulations at the national level, in order to guarantee that the rights of pregnant and lactating women are not violated.

For more information on the CC ruling, you can download it here.



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