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Toko-Ekambi takes position in the Neymar-Alvaro affair

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 21, 2020

Neymar’s accusations of racism aimed at Alvaro Gonzalez continue to make people talk and this time, a player from Lyon has interfered in the debate. Karl Toko-Ekambi has indeed spoken. In comments relayed by Marca, the Cameroonian striker, who rubbed shoulders in his first season in La Liga with Alvaro Gonzalez in the Villarreal locker room, ensures that the OM player is not racist.

“If he said something …”

“We talk a lot about this case in France, said Karl Toko-Ekambi. My teammates (in Lyon) asked me about Alvaro and I told them that he is a great guy. At no time, he did not utter a racist word (in Villarreal). I myself am black and he never referred to someone’s color, “assured the Rhone striker, who was close to the defender in Villarreal. “Alvaro was one of the first I spoke with when I arrived, he always made me laugh, he tried to speak French to help me adapt, and taught me Spanish. (…) If he said something, I’m sure he’s not a racist. Alvaro is not like that. “

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