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OM do not confirm Neymar’s insults

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 22, 2020

The Classic between PSG and OM, played on September 13 (0-1) could have another episode than that between Alvaro Gonzalez and Neymar.

OM want to reserve their statements for the instructor

As had been reported earlier, according to Spanish radio Cope, the Brazilian reportedly called Hiroki Sakai “Chinese shit” during the match. An exchange of which Olympique de Marseille would hold the images. The defender later reportedly reported the injury to the club’s communications department, who then searched for the footage.

However, the daily Le Parisien contacted the Marseille club which did not confirm the information. “The club says” book [ses] analyzes and statements to the instructor, ”the source specifies.

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