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Meanwhile, Barty wins a golf tournament …

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 23, 2020

Ashleigh Barty, still world No. 1 despite his packages for the US Open and then Roland Garros (which begins on Sunday), still fears the coronavirus. So, entrenched at home in Australia, she played and won golf tournaments. Also a former cricketer, she won in Brisbane in a match-play, winning 7 and 5 in the final – she had a seven-hole lead with five remaining to play. Barty, who is therefore a real jack of all trades, is also the companion of Garry Kissick, a professional golf trainer she met in 2016. The Australian, on the occasion of the Presidents Cup last year (the United States against Australia), had received the compliments of Tiger Woods in person: “She has a super swing “, assured the” Tiger “.

His young Australian compatriot Louis Dobbelaar also had a good time (for Associated Press): “She has what it takes if she wants to persevere. If her focus is golf, I’m sure she could. I’ve seen a lot of golfers come from different sports, and she’s the one who does it best, by far. Her ball strike is really good, she naturally takes tennis, the contact between the hand and the eye. ” Grégory Havret, the French player (second in the US Open in 2011), made this connection for Sports.fr: “A lot of golfers play well tennis, the reverse is also true. Often, they go golfing to the age of 40 because there are a lot of similarities. Generally, the tennis player plays golf well rather quickly, there is a sense of the ball even if it is a little bigger in tennis… “

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