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Laporte speaks for the first time after his release from custody

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 24, 2020
Bernard Laporte had things to say. Tuesday morning, the president of the French Rugby Federation had been taken into custody by the Financial Brigade (BRDE), to end up going out this Wednesday evening, around 8:30 p.m., without indictment. Besides Laporte, Serge Simon, Claude Atcher, Nicolas Hourquet and Mohed Altrad were also interviewed. This Thursday, at the very beginning of the afternoon, the strong man of French rugby seized his account Facebook official to deliver this message to the French clubs:

” Dear friends,
In short: thank you!
I sincerely wish to thank you for your continued support.
I have felt your strength, even your revolt, through the many messages I have received since Tuesday.
More than ever, I felt you were ready to use your right to vote to express your independence and validate the strong relationship you have with your Federation.
I am proud to be the President of such a determined, militant and independent movement of women and men.
Your messages have shown all your determination to make October 3 a great moment of democracy. You told me again: we will not steal your vote!
I also wish to report to you on these last hours.
I approached these “interviews” with serenity. When you have nothing to be ashamed of, you have the force of truth with you. It had been almost 3 years that I waited to enlighten the investigators on a file whose content was not accessible to me.
The dialogue with the investigators will have finished convincing me. Despite extensive investigations, with colossal means, press campaigns constantly rehashing the same theories …: the file is empty. There is nothing concrete. Calculations, interpretations, scenarios… The mountain will give birth to a mouse.
This wave will have been only media. With less than 10 days of our deadline, I am entitled to ask myself the question of the advisability. Who could benefit from the storm?
Now knowing the lines of the investigation, I am more serene than ever.
Justice will do its work and I trust it. I know the truth of my actions and they are all in the interest of our clubs, without ever being derogatory to the rule.
Communication strategies, media traps … all this does not affect me!
I am focused on my responsibility. It implies that I am constantly attentive to your problems and that I respond to them with actions. And for 4 years, I have undertaken concrete reforms to simplify and lighten your daily volunteer life.
Obviously this bothers. Far from discouraging me, it strengthens me in the will to act with you and for you.
From that day on, I go back to the clubs and fields that I have never left, so that we can talk about Project and Rugby. This is my passion.
I will continue without ever failing to defend the idea that there is only one Rugby. That this unitary Rugby must demonstrate permanent exemplary solidarity, including when Professionals must contribute to the projects of Amateurs.
I will always defend the idea that the responsibility of the Federation is to give the Clubs real means to act. Because the Club constitutes the only entity “accelerator of passions, and producer of talents”.
I want a Federation at your service and at your service.
Helping you is building a high-performance sport, capable of being World Champion from 2021 with our Daughters and World Champions in 2023, at home.
With the most beautiful World Cup in the world in 2023, we have our great project which will leave an indelible mark and legacy.
We will mark the history of our Sport. And we will do it together.
To be honest with you, I can’t wait to see you again.
So that our French Rugby Federation remains strong, independent, and at the service of amateur rugby clubs and French teams, we are going to win.
Your president,
Bernard Laporte “

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