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Van der Breggen finally wins the holy grail

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 24, 2020

The fifth is the right one! On Thursday, Anna van der Breggen won the World Cycling Championships time trial title, 31.7 kilometers long and contested on the Imola motor circuit in Italy. In 40’20”14, the Dutchwoman beat the Swiss Marlen Reussen, 15”58, as well as her compatriot Ellen van Dijk, 31”46 on the final podium. For her part, the German Lisa Brennauer, world champion in 2014, finished at the foot of the podium, even if she had not had such a good result since her bronze medal won in 2015.

French women out of the Top 10

The recent winner of the Giro Rosa, silver medalist in the same discipline four times in the past, in 2015 and then in the last three editions (2017, 2018 and 2019), may also have benefited from the heavy fall of the title holder, namely the American Chloé Dygert, crowned in 2019 on the side of Harrogate. The latter was in the lead at the first intermediate point, with a 26-second lead, and therefore seemed perfectly on course to make the pass of two., before his fall in a right turn and his retirement. The French women finished outside the Top 10 but in the Top 20. Audrey Cordon-Ragot took eleventh place, her best performance in the discipline in Worlds, while the reigning French champion, namely Juliette Labous, finished 17th.

Time trial (F) – Imola (racing circuit) (31.7km) – Thursday September 24, 2020
1- Anna van der Breggen (PBS) in 40’20”14
2- Marlen Reusser (SUI) at 15”58
3- Ellen van Dijk (PBS) at 31”46
4- Lisa Brennauer (ALL) at 45”06
5- Grace Brown (AUS) at 1’01”20
6- Amber Leone Neben (USA) at 1’20”32
7- Emma Cecilie Norsgaard Jorgensen (DAN) at 1’22”12
8- Mieke Kroger (ALL) at 1’31”10
9- Lauren Stephens (USA) at 1’43”03
10- Vittoria Bussi (ITA) at 1’46”62

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