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Calvin’s appeal rejected!

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 25, 2020

This time, Clémence Calvin (30) will not cut it. The French athlete specializing in long distance events will have to serve the four-year suspension inflicted on her last November 20 by the Sanctions Commission of the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) at the conclusion of this case marked by the alleged flight of the young woman during a doping control in the streets of Marrakech (Morocco) on March 27, 2019 while she was preparing for the Paris marathon. By appealing the sanction, the marathon runner, officially suspended since the same date of November 20, hoped that her version would be heard and considered definitively as the official version. Unfortunately for Calvin and his companion Samir Dahmani, present in Marrakech during this same control and also condemned to the same suspension as his companion, the Council of State rejected the appeal on Friday.

Two diametrically opposed versions from the start

The 2018 European vice-champion of the specialty had always assured since the start of the investigation that she had not fled, but was approached by three people who did not mention that they were there in the part of a doping control then victim of violent behavior on the part of these same three men, to the point of releasing her two-year-old child. AFLD, in a version diametrically opposed to that of the sportswoman, had, for his part, advanced from the beginning that Calvin, after being asked by the three controllers, had asked them to follow her to a gym not far from where Samir Dahmani was in order to entrust her with his child so that he could then bend to control. However With the help of her boyfriend and a middle distance specialist, the marathoner would have managed to escape and get out of control. An attitude that had earned him four years of suspension. Retoquée, like Samir Dahmani, she will have to respect them. And probably see the Tokyo Games take off.

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