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The FFT formalizes the 1000 spectator gauge at Roland-Garros

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 25, 2020

This time for sure, we know the spectator gauge of the Roland-Garros tournament, two days before the start of the main draw matches. As Prime Minister Jean Castex indicated on Thursday evening, the gauge will be limited to 1000 spectators (the new limit in the departments classified as red), but it will be in addition to people already accredited (players, coaches, referees, collectors of balls, journalists…), which represent 4000 people but who are rarely all present at the same time in the stadium. While the gauge had been set at 5,000 spectators per day last week, the organizers will therefore draw lots. to determine who among the ticket holders will be allowed to enter the stadium during the fortnight.

Places for spectators, partners and elected officials

“The necessary adaptation of the gauge to the imposed standard leads us to organize a draw for each day of the tournament, under the control of a bailiff, among the people currently holding a ticket,” said the FFT. Affected spectators will be contacted via email this afternoon. People who unfortunately will not be drawn, and whose tickets will be deactivated, will be fully refunded and will have priority access to the ticket office, before the opening to the general public for Roland-Garros 2021. The FFT customer service is mobilized, so that these changes can be made in the most agile and fluid way possible. Concretely, 750 places will be reserved for spectators, 200 for partners and 50 for elected officials. The French Tennis Federation has expressed its “regret” at having to once again lower the gauge (which was initially set at 50% of the normal gauge, then at 11,500 spectators, then at 5,000), arguing that on a 12 hectare site, social distancing could have been respected, even with 5,000 people.

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