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The gauge finally reduced to 1,000 people at Roland Garros

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 25, 2020

Roland-Garros will not escape it. In recent weeks, the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to be rife throughout the world today, has therefore not spared France either. The country has not stopped, lately, to toughen its various measures, and in particular those concerning gatherings. The 2020 edition of the French Open of tennis is due to start this Sunday, but ultimately, the fixed gauge will indeed be 1,000 people. It was Jean Castex, the Prime Minister in person, who officially announced it, live in the program “Vous ont la parole” on France 2, this Thursday evening. The politician declared in particular: “We will apply the same rules at Roland Garros as elsewhere. There are population groups. Does that mean there won’t be an audience? We go from 5000 to 1000. There is no reason why we should not apply the same rules to everyone. “

A gauge that includes organizers, players and staff

For a while, the Grand Slam thought it could accommodate 11,500 people, before this gauge was already lowered to 5,000 people. Ultimately, there will therefore not be more than 1000. This number will even include the organizers, the players as well as their staff, as Jean Castex has also confirmed: “Yes, it’s up to them (editor’s note: the organizers) to determine how they do it. “Finally, the Prime Minister also assured that the event, therefore supposed to begin this Sunday and take place over the next two weeks, will therefore take place:” Yes, according to the information given by the organizers, the answer is yes. “As a reminder, it is also this Thursday, at the very beginning of the evening, that the draws for the female and male paintings took place.

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