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OM snatch a draw against Metz

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 26, 2020
After two successes in two matches, OM followed with a defeat against Saint-Étienne and a difficult draw against Lille and were preparing to challenge a team from Metz who had three losses before recovering with a success against Reims . And it was OM who started the match the best, with a cross from Sanson who found Gonzalez whose uncrossed head brushed against the amount of Oukidja from the 6th minute. A few moments later, a skull shot from Benedetto passed just above, while Payet also shot over the opposing cages within a quarter of an hour of play. OM, author of a good start to the match, n never knew how to make fruitful his domination before the rest. Benedetto even gave himself a nice acrobatic kickback on a Thauvin cross two minutes from the break, but still did not fit. 0-0 at halftime, while Metz also had some opportunities to open the scoring.

The second half saw Metz come back better in the game. Vincent Hognon’s players were the most dangerous on the meadow, without however managing to unlock the meeting. Payet and Thauvin then multiplied the centers, requesting an Oukidja sometimes forced to release these balloons with his fists. But the real opportunities were still so desired. Until the 71st minute, when Udol, left free in his movements, offered a very good cross towards Niane whose uncrossed head hit the mark. 1-0, OM gave the impression of having missed their chance in this part dominated at the start of the meeting by the Phocéens. It was 4 minutes from the end of regulation time that OM would try to react. Served at the penalty spot, Benedetto offered himself a control / strike sequence that went to the right of Oukidja’s goal. The Argentinian had made his attempt by sliding, unable to adjust the sight to 100% accuracy. OM nevertheless managed to pick up in extremis by Sanson (90 + 5th), found by Nemanja Radonjic on a good left side movement. 1-1, final score. Marseille concedes a draw at home and calls up doubts about its ability to produce play and to be dangerous offensively. Not really a good omen before returning to the Champions League this season for the Phocaeans.

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