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Rivaldo criticizes Barca over Luis Suarez case

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 26, 2020

Like a certain Lionel Messi and many observers and other supporters of Barça, Rivaldo deplores the departure of Luis Suarez from the Catalan club. If the Brazilian considers that FC Barcelona made a monumental error in allowing El Pistolero to leave, the former number ten of the Blaugrana expects the Uruguayan striker to adapt quickly to life at the Matelassiers. “Luis Suarez made a great decision signing for Atletico Madrid. I wanted him to stay at Barcelona and I still felt he had a lot to offer. But Ronald Koeman has made it clear that the Uruguayan is too many in the squad and he has joined a club where he will be appreciated. ”, analyzed Rivaldo in his column for Betfair.

“He shouldn’t have left Barcelona”

I hope things go well for Suarez at Atleti because I’m a fan of the player who shouldn’t have left Barcelona. He is the third highest scorer in club history and I cannot see his age as the only reason for the club’s decision to let him go. He’s a great fighter and he signed for the perfect club. I’m sure Diego Simeone is delighted to have such a player on his team. The Argentinian boss likes his qualities. Qualities that perfectly suit Simeone’s playing style “, added the former Brazilian prodigy.

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