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A match threatened by a municipal decree

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 27, 2020
Will the match between Cholet and Chalon-sur-Saône take place on Tuesday? Gilles Bourdouleix, mayor of Cholet, announced his intention to prevent through a municipal decree the holding of the meeting counting for the 2nd day of the regular season of Jeep Elite. The councilor intends to act in this way to protest against the health protocol of the National Basketball League which did not allow Lasan Kromah to take part in the meeting of the Maine-et-Loire club this Saturday in Orleans. Affected by the coronavirus last July, the Cholet winger saw his screening test, organized this Monday because of the symptoms developed by the strong winger Kyvon Davenport, which ultimately only concerned gastroenteritis, give a result positive concerning him.

Bourdouleix: “Their protocol is very c …”

Faced with the result of this test, a second was performed on Thursday, the result of which was negative. Initially, the LNB allowed Lasan Kromah to take part in the match against Orleans before retreating. A change in posture that visibly irritated Gilles Bourdouleix who confirmed via his official account Twitter having taken a municipal decree prohibiting the holding of the match between Cholet and Chalon-sur-Saône on Tuesday, assuring: “Either it is positive and we are facing a cluster, or it is negative and this refusal is absurd!” “. The mayor of Cholet then clarified his thoughts in an interview granted to the daily West France. “Are they respecting their protocol?” Well their protocol is very c … I don’t see why Lasan Kromah does not play in Orleans. He was tested negative Thursday by doctors, recalls the councilor in this interview. It is the League which decides that it is positive. If he is, then he could have contaminated his teammates, and there is a risk of cluster. We must then have the courage not to play Tuesday’s game. The LNB has yet to take a position on this situation but, as it stands, it seems unlikely that the game can take place in three days.

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