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A victory that does not have the same flavor for Paire

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 27, 2020

Benoît Paire provided the essentials. After having lived through difficult weeks with his exclusion from the US Open and the strict quarantine that followed, his new positive test in Hamburg which made him fear missing Roland-Garros, the Avignon resident did not hide a certain weariness even at the microphone of France Televisions. Cold, at a press conference, Benoît Paire did not want to use his misadventures as an excuse for a sawtooth performance against Soonwoo Kwon. “I’m trying to do my best after everything that’s happened to me, that’s no excuse, I spent ten days in a hotel room in New York, five days in Hamburg, that’s no is not very easy, said the Frenchman facing the microphones. It is a truncated preparation and then it is not very fair, I think. I try to hang on. Mentally, it’s hard, I hang on, I’m still happy to have won. “

Pair: “I would rather be at home”

A first meeting, played on the Court Simonne-Mathieu, which was played in a near-camera. Indeed, a very limited number of the 1000 spectators authorized on the Roland-Garros site braved difficult weather to witness the entry into the running of the Frenchman. An absence of the public that Benoît Paire did not hesitate to point out. “It’s a victory, it’s cool, but what I like is sharing with the public like last year when I reached the round of 16, adds the native of Avignon. There were exceptional emotions. Fortunately there were a few people watching me. But that has nothing to do with last year. A tournament which, if he assures to be happy that it can take place despite everything, does not fascinate him too much. “If I win so much the better, otherwise I’ll go home. Honestly, I would prefer to be at home, it’s been six weeks since I came home, I want to see my dog, my parents, my family, said Benoît Paire. Usually I go to small restaurants in Paris, then you have to stay in your room, without seeing anyone. “

Pair: “What is hardest are the balls”

A 2020 edition of Roland-Garros played under special conditions. At the start of autumn in the capital, the weather is not favorable with low temperatures, wind and intermittent rain which made the courts difficult to pass. But, for Benoît Paire, this is another element that poses the most problems. “It’s not easy, it’s a little windy, it’s cold, sometimes it rains. But what is hardest are the balls, the balls have nothing to do with those we had last year, says the 26th world, highlighting the change of supplier decided by the FFT. They are very slow and with the weather and the conditions, as Rafael Nadal said, and I agree with him, these are not the best balls to play in those conditions. “Participation in Roland Garros which will now involve a match against Federico Coria but the Frenchman’s head is already turned towards next year. “I am already in preparation for next year even if I will play in the tournaments scheduled in Germany after this Roland Garros. I want to do something good next year. I am aiming for 2021, assures Benoît Paire. I want to get back into it. Now I’m just happy to have won. After that, I will go to Australia early because it will take about 40. “Before all this, we will have to play a second round which will not be easy.

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