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First success for Cergy-Pontoise, Grenoble has not trembled, Gap is doing, Angers is torn off

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 27, 2020

Promoted this season in the Magnus League, Cergy-Pontoise snatched a first victory from his first outing. But, after Norbert Abramov’s opener on the power play, the Jokers drank the cup with Milan Jurik and Erik Robichaud who put the Scorpions in the direction of the market before the end of the first period. But, in the last seven minutes, Sam McCormick put the two teams back to equality before Pierre-Charles Hordelalay offered the victory to Cergy-Pontoise in numerical superiority at 57 seconds from the buzzer (3-2). At the same time, Grenoble was able to finish well to dominate Nice. The Eagles however opened the scoring by Peter Hrehorcak in numerical superiority and regain the advantage by Loïc Chabert at the very end of the second period after the equalization fifteen seconds from the end of the first by Sacha Treille in numerical superiority.

Gap was hot against Anglet

The last 20 minutes were fatal for the Niçois who cracked against Kyle Hardy, author of a double. Pushing to equalize, bringing out their goalkeeper, the Eagles saw Maxime Legault close the scoring in the empty goal (2-4). For Gap, it took extra time to get out of it against Anglet. The second period was a crossover between the two teams, with the Rapaces scoring through a brace from Bostjan Golicic and an achievement from Julien Correia as Oskars Batna and Lukas Kaspar kept Hormadi afloat. Batna equalized midway through the third period before Golici put Gap back in front. It was less than three minutes from the buzzer that Kaspar took the two teams into overtime. Extra time that lasted just under three minutes, time for Bostjan Golicic to sign a quadruplet to offer victory to the Raptors (5-4).

Saturday September 26, 2020
Nice – Grenoble : 2-4
Cergy-Pontoise – Mulhouse: 3-2
Gap – Anglet: 5-4 (ap)

Sunday October 18, 2020
6.30 p.m .: Briançon – Chamonix

Postponed to a later date
Angers – Amiens
Rouen – Bordeaux

Angers wins at the finish against Bordeaux

At the opening of the season, in a poster advanced to the 10th day, Angers tore himself away to take the best of Bordeaux on penalties. A meeting that the Boxers took by the right end. On passes from Johan Skinnars and Louis Belisle, Andrew Johnston opened the scoring after eleven minutes of play. The latter doubled the lead in the middle of the second period, concluding an action led by Marc-André Levesque and Johann Skinnars. But this break in advance, the Dukes of Angers erased it in 32 seconds. Riley Guenther then Philippe Halley scored in quick succession to send the two teams into overtime. Five additional minutes that did not allow the two teams to decide. While all the Bordeaux shooters missed the boat, Danick Bouchard did not tremble to offer the victory to Angers (2-1).

Saturday September 26, 2020
Angers – Bordeaux: 3-2 (tab)

Friday, October 30, 2020
7:45 p.m .: Briançon – Mulhouse
8:00 p.m .: Rouen – Anglet
8:00 p.m .: Grenoble – Chamonix
8:00 p.m .: Nice – Amiens
8:30 p.m .: Cergy-Pontoise – Gap

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