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Voeckler satisfied with the state of mind, Alaphilippe in full dream

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 27, 2020

After the failures of Bergen in 2017, Innsbrück in 2018 and Yorkshire in 2019, Julian Alaphilippe did not miss his appointment with the rainbow jersey. At the end of a race smoothly led by a team of France united around its leader, the one who reserved himself at the end of the Tour de France to achieve the big goal of his season let shine an intense emotion once the line arrival at Imola. “For the moment it’s very hard to find the words, I just want to thank my teammates who believed in me today (Sunday), declared Julian Alaphilippe at the UCI microphone. We did a great job. It was the dream of my career you know. I’ve been so close so many times but I had never even been on the podium. “

Alaphilippe: “The France team was very strong”

Not failing to salute those who allowed him to become the first French world champion since Laurent Brochard in 1997, Julian Alaphilippe highlighted the work of an entire team focused on its one goal: to bring back the rainbow jersey. in France. “I arrived here with a lot of ambitions. It’s a dream day for me. I want to thank all those who follow and support me, added the new world champion. Today (Sunday), the France team was very strong. I want to thank the coach Thomas Voeckler for believing in me, my family, my relatives, my cousin Franck (who is also his trainer, editor’s note, Marion (Rousse, his companion). It is the dream of my career. ” success which Thomas Voeckler did not want to believe until the last moment. “In the last kilometers, we were afraid that Julian would be caught up but once the line crossed, it is a feeling difficult to describe”, entrusted to the microphone ofEurosport the national coach.

Voeckler: “They all sacrificed themselves for a single rider and it worked”

A world title which, if it allows only one man to wear the iridescent jersey, is the result of the work of a united team during the 258km of this world championship with a tiring course. A performance that Thomas Voeckler was keen to highlight. “It’s just huge what Julian did, what the whole team did, assures the former French champion. They adhered to the racing strategy that I wanted to put in place, they adhered to the collective spirit, they all sacrificed themselves for one runner and it worked. I am very proud of the guys. This collective victory is also that of a “French team” state of mind which has been Thomas Voeckler’s trademark since he took over from Cyrille Guimard. And the results are there with this world title which follows Arnaud Démare’s silver medal at the European Championships. “It’s hard to put together a team. But on the state of mind, I had no doubts. When I saw the three days spent together before the race, it confirmed my choices, adds the national coach. We saw today (Sunday) that there was unity around Julian, a pride to wear this jersey. A jersey that Julian Alaphilippe will be able to shine for a year, before putting it back into play in Flanders in 2021.

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