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“I played badly, I managed badly”

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 28, 2020
Gaël, it was really a very special experience, on this calm and empty court. How did you approach it, how did you try to get into it? How difficult was it?
I think it has been seen, I don’t have great feelings at the moment. It’s hard for me to be really good, to be able to play well. In front, he made his match, but once again I made a lot of faults, double faults … I place myself very badly. I just don’t play well. So these are not conditions, on top of all that, to play well. It is sure that it gives a not great result.

With this break ahead that you still have in the fourth set, could the audience you love so much have changed the situation? Or frankly, is it too complicated for you right now?
I don’t even ask myself that question. It’s like that, it’s like that. I played badly, I mismanaged the moment.

You actually committed three double faults when serving to win the set. What’s going on, can’t you find it?
It’s very hard to answer. If I knew it too, I wouldn’t have done as much. We must continue to work on this, find the rhythm. But what exactly is going on, I don’t know …

“Why are you telling me again? It hurts me, it tends to me”

You lost in the first round in your three resumption tournaments. What do you want? May the season end?
I think there are others who lost more than three times in the first round … why are you telling me? I just lost, no problem. I don’t understand, there are plenty of them who lose three times in the first round. I had three bad games, it happens and it has happened to me before. I have already lost three times in the first round, if not more. Quite simply, I am disappointed, as I told you. I’m going to go back to training and try to be stronger for the next tournament. But it hurts me a little that you tell me that again, it really tends to me a bit.

It’s just that a lot of players say they are overwhelmed by the conditions, protocols etc. And that it weighs on them.
As I said before, it obviously seems a lot more difficult when you lose. When you win, you feel them less, all the constraints. I don’t even fit in there. The constraints to play, that’s it, and you have to deal with it, you have to adapt. I think that has no excuse for my three poor performances. It’s different.

What is surprising is the contrast between before and after confinement. You were great in February. What is it that you can’t get back into it?
I lost the rhythm. After that, apart from Roland-Garros, I have never had good results on clay. There is only in Roland where I manage to be better each time. But it does not even count, this defeat is not a real Roland. I do not know…

Do you plan to continue the indoor season, or are you not there yet? What happens don’t you like, because of everything we know?
It’s very hard to answer. At the moment I am registered in Cologne, Germany. I’m going to go home, I’ll take some time for myself. I’m going to train again, that’s for sure. After, see when I will resume competition, I have time …

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