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Thiago Silva resenting Leonardo

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 28, 2020

Since the beginning of September, Thiago Silva has been a Chelsea player. The seasoned Brazilian fullback has started a new chapter in his career after seven years at PSG. From his stay in the French capital, “O Monstro” keeps many good memories, but there are also twists and turns that left him with a bitter taste. Like the behavior Leonardo had towards him during his last year at the club.

Judging that Thiago Silva no longer embodied the future on the Parc des Princes side, the club’s sporting director has long played the watch and refused to offer a new contract to the Ile-de-France captain. It was only after the end of the year and at the end of a C1 campaign which saw the international Auriverde stand out with his great performances that Leonardo chose to take action. “It’s a situation that pissed me off. I really didn’t like the way it was conducted. Even if there was confinement, things should have been done differently, ”said the player in an interview with France Football.

“All my career at PSG, I gave the maximum, I never cheated. It’s as if three matches in Final 8 changed everything? And everything I had achieved in those eight years didn’t matter anymore? It is not consistent. Leo did this in an awkward and hasty fashion. Not just with me, for that matter. I also think of Cavani who is the top scorer in the history of PSG. I say this so that the club can progress and do not make these kinds of mistakes again in the future, ”added Thiago Silva with great regret.

Juninho and OL wanted Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva was one of the tauliers of PSG and there was a strong bond between him, the club and the supporters. Even if he now defends another jersey, he admits that he remains “very attached” to his old house. In addition, and even if he did not really let it appear at the time, he admitted that it was “very complicated to pack.”

Finally, the new member of the Blues spoke about the other offers he received during the offseason. He notably confessed to having been approached by Olympique Lyonnais : “Juninho dreamed of bringing me to OL”. This ultimately did not happen and the Gones actively seek a professional player for their central defense.

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