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Towards a “reconfiguration of competitions”?

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 28, 2020

In the best of all possible worlds, Roxana Maracineanu would have liked, especially on this rainy and cold Monday, to mention only the coronation of the French cyclist Julian Alaphilippe, who became world champion on the road in Imola on Sunday afternoon for the first time in his career. The former swimmer did not lose a crumb of the triumph of the runner from Montluçon, and she appreciated all the more to see him cross the line as the winner as no more Tricolor since Laurent Brochard in 1997 had ridden on the more high step of the Worlds podium. ” ” It’s extraordinary ! We saw him on the Tour win a stage, wear the yellow jersey and then unfortunately have to give up at the end. There, we are very happy that it ended in these World Championships and that this recovery, which was difficult for everyone after the Covid, was able to succeed in such a good way, because it had been 23 years since France had not won the World Cycling Championships ”, rejoiced Monday morning on Europe 1 Roxana Maracineanu at the day after the Roland-Garros kick-off in very strange conditions, and with a gauge finally lowered to a thousand spectators. Less pleasant subject to tackle for the Minister for Sports, even if she does not hide that there was no other option given the context of making the tournament compete in an atmosphere that has practically everything behind closed doors .

Maracineanu: “Roland-Garros? A heartbreak for me ”

“These people will be placed in the same stadium, in front of the same match. We can have more seats in a stadium with enough space, but today we have to be really disciplined about these measures and we have to ensure that we all together ensure that this second wave does not arrive ”, assures the Mulhousienne, recalling that even if it hurt him to have to apply it, the rule does not apply anyway to Roland-Garros. “It’s not just for Roland-Garros. This gauge must be respected in all sectors of activity: cultural, sporting, as well as in society and in gatherings in the areas most affected today, and we must really respect this gauge. I understand, and it is heartbreaking for me to have worked for months with these organizers. In addition, a gauge that has moved. And you have to see the speed with which we went to these thousand people. But now, we have to bow to it and we all have to make an effort so that it can start again. “

Maracineanu: “How to continue to exercise, even to train only”

Unfortunately for all lovers of sport and life in general, recovery, in the true sense of the term, we are still far from it. We would even tend to the opposite again, without talking about general containment again. On the other hand, travel restrictions are not impossible once again, and it is in this sense that Roxana Maracineanu and her collaborators are working hard to “a reconfiguration of the competitions”, to use the words of the minister now under the supervision of Jean-Michel Blanquer since the reshuffle. “Of course with the actors of sport, we are thinking about a reconfiguration of competitions and how to continue to exercise, even to train only and to reduce the competition circuit if ever there are new limitations of movement. From the start, we have been working with the Federations and sports bodies to be ready for anything. “A long way from the new career opening up to Julian Alaphilippe …

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