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“It’s not correct”: Thiago Silva grazes Leonardo

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 29, 2020

After eight years of loyal service (2012-2020), Thiago Silva is gone. Now under contract with Chelsea, whom he has joined free, the Brazilian defender however regrets the way his adventure at PSG ended. He could also have extended his lease in the capital. But, according to him, Leonardo’s proposal came far too late, namely during the “Final 8”. In fact, the Parisian director had even made him understand that he could go free at the end of the Champions League. “I really didn’t like the way it was conducted,” admitted the neo-Londoner in an interview with France Football. Even if there was containment, things should have been done differently. (…) First, he asked me if I was OK to continue for two more months in order to compete in a possible “Final 8”. I told him yes. But he replied that the club would not go beyond these two months. It would be two months and nothing else. It should have been done differently. “

Thiago Silva: “I have never cheated”

The 36-year-old believes he should have deserved more consideration. ” It’s not correct. You don’t act like that with someone who’s spent so much time in a club. I was angry at first, I admit. “Before adding, as if to recall that he was not the only victim of the decisions of the 1994 world champion:” Leo did this in an awkward and hasty fashion. Not just with me, for that matter. I also think of Cavani, who is the top scorer in the history of PSG. I say this so that the club progresses and does not make these kinds of mistakes again. “Thiago Silva nevertheless ensures that he has turned the page. He is now focused on Chelsea, a club with which he will be under contract until June 2021 (plus an optional year).

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