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Mladenovic: ” I should have led 6-1 ”

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 29, 2020
Kristina, what do you think was the turning point of the match?
I know what you are talking about. But obviously, on that double bounce at the time of set point, I should have led 6-1. The chair judge seems to have been the only one not to see him. You can call it the turning point of the match. I don’t know what the outcome of the game would have been, but it was a key moment.

How did it affect your concentration?
I tried to stay calm, and although I try not to complain, it really affected me. I complained briefly, but in this type of situation, you know they made a mistake but you can’t do anything, you have to try to refocus and continue. I still had the result of the match in my hands. But you know, in tennis it’s dot after dot. And I have to admit to her the fact that she managed to play, to come back to the game afterwards. I don’t know, I’m going to watch again, but I probably put on less intensity, I was probably a little distracted. And I continued, when I should have already been playing the second set.

After what happened to you in New York, is it easy to maintain a clear mindset?
No. I didn’t have the preparation I would have liked before Roland Garros, and obviously that had an impact. I wanted to play in Rome and Strasbourg, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t prepare myself. It’s very brutal on your body, when you’re locked up for eight days in a hotel room, and I’m only talking about those eight days. Because the first week I was playing, I was really isolated. I couldn’t train. I played two singles matches, one doubles match. But there were almost two weeks where I was not active, where I could not live as a professional tennis player. It’s not a good experience, I can tell you. It was very brutal from a physical point of view. This year 2020 is really weird.

“The referee will continue Roland-Garros, and not me”

Do you think your opponent should have given you the set?
She would have been the fairest player on the tour, if she had. But unfortunately, she didn’t. I didn’t expect her to do it, either. She would have earned my respect, but she is not responsible. I think it’s the chair judge, who has to watch what is going on.

Would you be in favor of introducing video refereeing in tennis, as is the case in other sports?
It would be great, it would prevent us from these kind of sad scenarios. It’s a shame that we have come to a point where we would like to replace the human being with the camera, given the mistakes they can make. It is human to err, but I don’t quite understand how it can escape the referee, who is supposed to be focused on the ball. It was a cushion, it was slow. I stop the point, it shows. Not only does she not see that it doubles, secondly she does not understand that the retro effect that my opponent is playing behind is mathematically not possible, if there has not been a second rebound. Third, I think even the reaction of my opponent, who was amazed that there was no announcement, made three mistakes in the space of a split second. I do not understand. It is true that sometimes there are brand disagreements etc. But there is a lot. And it’s a shame, yes, really, that there is no camera. This is the first thing I said to her, I hope she watches the slow motion. Unfortunately, she will continue Roland-Garros and not me.

When you come out of a match like that, so weird with another unfavorable twist of fate, what do you feel? Are you a little sick of this accumulation, or do you manage to remain a philosopher?
It’s not really in my hands. I’m going to try to be a philosopher, and tell myself that if this has to happen, it has to happen in 2020, because seriously it’s a hell of a funny year. I’m not sure what to say, just wondering why this happens, why this chain of bad spells, if you can call it that … It really is, for once, after the experience in New York and this scenario. I’m not saying that I would have won, but I was more in the legs, I was good. After that, everything takes a whole different turn. Honestly, if all these bad spells can happen in 2020, so much the better, that way we are done. Let us move on.

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