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“To win, I would have played another hour”

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 29, 2020
Corentin, how do you feel?
My feelings, I don’t know, the match was very long. I don’t feel anything in my body, I feel drained.

The match lasted just over six hours. Did you watch the stopwatch every now and then? It’s the second longest match in history at Roland Garros, did you feel like you were going to continue as long as possible?
Honestly, I would have preferred it to last a little shorter. Which would mean that I would have won my service games to finish the match. After that, yes, I was ready to continue for several hours. I don’t know if I would have held it physically. I think we were both tired. These are very physically demanding conditions. Already, to play a normal match under these conditions, it is not easy. When you play for more than six hours, of course it was complicated at the end. If I had to play another hour to win, I would gladly have played an hour.

“For sure tonight I will feel it”

What is it all about suddenly, at the end, on the latest games? A little luck, a little little arm?
On not much, details. I don’t even know … On my unforced errors, on his winning shots, on a lot of things. I had opportunities, I did not take them. However, I had quite a few. There you go, I lost the match because there were inevitably points that he won and that I should have won. What exactly it played out on, I don’t really know. He gave me a lot of problems with his game. He played very well, he’s a very good player. Even if he comes out of the qualifiers, it is not at all pejorative for him. I think he’s a good player. He has already won four games. Frankly, I’m not ashamed of losing to this player, other than the disappointment that I lost, as it would have been against any player. Well done to him. We played a lot and for a very long time. Was he braver than me, I don’t know … In any case, he won, he held on physically and in his head. So well done to him.

Is it even harder to lose in six hours than in two or three hours?
It’s harder physically, already. I will definitely feel it tonight. I’m not going to be able to splurge (smile). But physically, in the head, it sure hurts more, because I spent a lot of time in the field. Otherwise, it always hurts to lose, especially in a Grand Slam tournament in Paris. There were still spectators. It was really cool, they came to see me and encourage me, despite the small audience. Thanks to them. Frankly, there was everything for me to win, well everyone did everything for. But I did not succeed. Afterwards, if I had lost in two hours, I might have felt it coming more, it would surely have hurt a little less. But I think you don’t have to be a wizard to guess it.

We imagine that the period is very hard. Are you going to be able to find your loved ones? Is that the only small bright spot, perhaps?
It’s complicated, because we’re afraid. Me, I’m afraid of being tested positive, because if I am positive, that would mean that I can no longer practice my profession. So it’s true that we are a little pushed to stay alone, whether it is outside of tournaments or during tournaments. It’s a bit complicated having to stay at a hotel, away from loved ones, especially when I live three minutes away … But it’s the same for everyone. I’m not saying I’m more miserable than anyone else. I’m just saying it’s hard not to see your family, not to share that with them, when I used to do it every year. It was not possible this year, it’s a shame but it’s for the good of all, and it’s necessary. There are things that are more important than our well-being, as tennis players. We must make do. But of course it is not easy. Already on the circuit, we have to be alone a lot, not to see our loved ones a lot … There, we see them even less.

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