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Barcelona: Lionel Messi apologizes

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 30, 2020
Lionel Messi is still a FC Barcelona player. The Argentine made the choice to continue with his lifelong club after threatening to leave earlier this month due to a dispute with management. So for a week he played with the feelings of the many fans of the team. It wasn’t his wish and he took the trouble to apologize to anyone he disappointed. “I wanted to address all the Barcelona fans. I’m sorry if I offended them with what I said or did, I did it for the best of the club,” he told the daily Sport.

“My commitment to Barça remains total”

In this interview, La Pulga returned to the episode that kept the entire football sphere in suspense, while confident that he would now like to move on. The goal is now to focus on the pitch and try to get the club back on track.. “After all that has happened, I want to focus on the future, assured the six-time Ballon d’Or. We must stand united and wait for the best to happen. I accept my mistakes and if I did it was to make Barcelona better ”.

A mobilizing speech that says a lot about his current state of mind. He wants to give his all in what could be his last year at the club. “Today, my commitment to this tunic and this patch is total, it is still intact,” he added. And so that everyone also pulls in the same direction, he advocates sacred union: “Passion and hope are the means to achieve our goals, all together”. It remains to be seen if he is also ready to pass the sponge with Josep Maria Bartomeu, the president who has lost the esteem of the entire locker room in recent months.

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