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Pair was “already surprised to pass a turn”

ByRoborto Sykes

Sep 30, 2020

Even if it is physically and mentally difficult for Benoit Paire, eliminated Wednesday in the second round of Roland Garros by Federico Coria, the little brother of Guillermo (7-6, 4-6, 6-3, 6-1), his speech remains – almost surprisingly – “really positive”: “I just want to have a top 2021 season. I will try to do everything to prepare myself and be well for next season. I hope it will play out in conditions normal. I had not bet to win Roland-Garros this year, I was already very surprised and happy to pass a round. The main objective, I repeat and I said before the tournament, is 2021 . I’m trying to prepare for my job so I can be in good shape at the start of the year. Under normal conditions, this game, I don’t lose it. “

Paire looks back on a “very special year”: “It’s not the seasonal style that makes me happy: playing in front of anyone, doing tests all day and being confined in a room that cannot be eaten at a restaurant. with our friends, not being able to do anything, being there and just playing with three people in our box … It’s complicated. That’s not why I play tennis, it’s not like This is what I enjoy playing on a court. It’s by sharing with people, getting a little adrenaline with them. I experienced great emotions at Roland-Garros last year, so come back as That in a half-empty stadium, it’s complicated. I’m just going to try to recover, to leave at the end of the year with two or three tournaments like that, and then we’ll see. “

“I am very happy to go home, when normally I am devastated”

The French n ° 2 wants “just to go to a restaurant, even if it closes at 10 pm and it is not possible to stay later, just to be able to live without a mask all day while being at home quietly”. Prolix, he also spoke about the amortizations and the playing conditions: “I find it a pity and serious to speak of the amortization as the most important blow of the tournament, it is not normal. We use all our forces, the ball goes at 185 km / h and the other is on it, it’s just not normal for a Roland-Garros. It’s never been like that. Roland’s conditions are always a bit fast with high rebounds. There, these are soft balls in September. “

Finally, Paire deems “ridiculous” the debate on a possible end of the cycle among historical French players: “We still have a guy who is in the world top 10 and we manage to say that the generation is over. I’m sorry, but when we see Monf at the beginning of the year, we made him favorite for Roland-Garros. During confinement, it’s not the most serious, he has not trained crazy, he loves tennis but he likes to play in front of people. When he comes into a quiet Lenglen, when he has known what he has known, it is very complicated. Before our confinement to the US Open, Richard Gasquet was very, very well physically . Gilles Simon is capable of winning very good titles … We must stop the debates like that. It’s very rare to have guys in the top 10, let’s take advantage of it already. “

The Avignon resident also evokes Dominic Thiem’s ​​victory at the US Open: “There was no Rafa and Djoko was disqualified. You have to put things in context, there was nobody in the stadium . It’s not the same atmosphere when you come against Rafa and he is pushed from start to finish. You have to be wary. So it’s like in France, you don’t have to wonder what it is either. It is happening. It annoys me a little. If Gael Monfils plays well at the start of next season, we will still say that it is his year! Whereas three months before, you said that it might be the end of the Musketeers. She doesn’t mean anything this season. I’m going to go home and I’m very happy, whereas normally, when I lose to Roland, I’m devastated. If they all have a bad 2021 season, we’ll say maybe -being it’s the end. “

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