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Luis Henrique reveals his idol and he is a star of PSG

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 1, 2020

While the fog of war is barely falling in the battle between OM and PSG on the Neymar-Alvaro file, Luis Henrique, the new Olympian recruit, has been invited to reveal his idols. And Neymar is one of them, as he confided in an interview with The team : “It’s one of my idols, it’s true. It’s for him that I became a fan of Santos, at the time Robinho … I never missed a match when I was little. It is for him that I liked Barça too. I know he’s with the rival, and it’s going to be fantastic to face him and beat him.

During his presentation press conference, Luis Henrique explained why he had opted for OM: “I preferred OM for the greatness of the club, he said. OM is seen as a very great club that all football fans respect. ” Did the young Brazilian prodigy understand the extent of the rivalry between OM and PSG?

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