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Paris is having a bad evening in Angers

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 2, 2020

Paris SG, carried by a double from Neymar, managed his first card of the season against Angers (6-1), Friday at the opening of the 6th day of the French Championship, which consolidates him on his current strengths, before a restless transfer window. If he does not know what he will earn before the market closes on Monday evening, the PSG already knows what it has not lost: its immense stock of talent, which places it among the best teams in Europe.

The two superstars Kylian Mbappé and Neymar have, again, illuminated the evening. A technical goal (36th) sums up their activity: the first slipped between two defenders to serve the second who, with a strike under the bar, sealed the fate of the match before half-time. What if keeping them was the best thing that happened to the club this summer? The two accomplices can guide the club in the final of the Champions League as to find the solution against the very tight 5-4-1 of Angers.


With them, PSG came one point closer to leader Rennes before the international break, with a fourth success in a row. Before returning to C1 on October 20 with a shock against Manchester United, “Kyky” and “Ney” continue to get back on their feet, after a start to the season complicated by their positive tests for Covid-19 and two initial defeats.

Aligned as a left winger in a 4-4-2 at kickoff, Neymar, who had never started a Parisian season without having scored in one of his first two matches, has finally unlocked his counter. He even managed a brace (47th), his first in L1 since January 26. Mbappé took longer to score (84th): his efforts in animation were rewarded at the very end, with a flat foot to the recovery of a center from Pablo Sarabia.

In the meantime, Julian Draxler (57th) and Idrissa Gueye (71st) weighed down the scoreboard, proving that PSG had left behind the problems of offensive realism observed in Reims (2-0) last Sunday.

– Draxler goalscorer –

If Paris is better, its workforce could be changed by the transfer window, which promises to be agitated, after the statements of coach Thomas Tuchel who assured Thursday that it was necessary to “expect less” from a group lessened by the departures of Thiago Silva and Edinson Cavani. Some sequences against Angers proved him right. First, on the usefulness of recruiting, since it is the only new Parisian head in the game, the right side Alessandro Florenzi, who opened the scoring with a nice floating recovery (7th).

Then, PSG had less good periods, especially after the Italian’s goal, which allowed the SCO to stay in the match, to the point that Neymar’s 2-0 goal seemed against the course of the game. Paris left too many opportunities for the Angevins, who might have hoped for better on the head of Stéphane Bahoken (13th). If they scored by Ismaël Traoré (52nd), Stéphane Moulin’s men also had a huge opportunity to come back to 3-2, wasted by Rayan Aït-Nouri (57th).

Less than a minute later, Julian Draxler finished the 4-1 by taking back a center back from Mitchel Bakker. The German international is regularly cited among the most likely starters in the transfer window. With this second goal – he had only scored three in his last two L1 seasons – at least he showed what he can bring this year. He does not yet know if he will be a player in the capital on Tuesday. In Paris, it is always the time for uncertainties.

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