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the main reactions after the Parisian victory

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 2, 2020

Abdou Diallo (PSG defender, Téléfoot) : “It’s been a while since I have been able to go through the matches. I’m coming back little by little and it feels good. I get the rhythm and the feelings back, because being sidelined for a long time is always complicated (.. .) We were more in control. We scored when we needed to, that made our work easier. And we also managed as needed “.

Thomas Tuchel (PSG coach, Téléfoot) : “I was a little frustrated with our lack of efficiency. Today we still created a lot of chances but the timing and the aggressiveness in the box were better. We scored a lot of goals. game with a great victory. It gives us a lot of confidence. In some games, it’s difficult to put the intensity with the ball. Winning the ball high in the opposing camp against a team that is not organized allows us to create chances more easily than when you are facing a block of 10 defenders. It’s very important to close spaces when you attack. It’s demanding, it’s intensive but we have to do that. If we do that , it’s more difficult to make counter-attacks against us and that allows us to create chances. If Paris doesn’t sign a rookie? We have to wait, I’ve talked a lot about it. I always give my opinion honestly. is never going to stop pushing and believing that we can do good things. if necessary to give his opinion as a coach. That’s what I did. There are still a few days left and we can analyze after … (Relaunched for a recruit before the end, editor’s note) I don’t know, we have to wait (smile) “.

Pierrick Capelle (Angers midfielder, Téléfoot) : “We realize that we had a few situations, in particular a 3-2 ball … If we put it in it could make another match even if they accelerated a little after … It would have given us back energy, energy, but afterwards it’s a steamroller. We defend, we defend, we take goals on retreating crosses. We must succeed in being dangerous and efficient in spite of everything, we do not was not too successful, me the first, but we tried anyway “.

Stéphane Moulin (Angers coach, Téléfoot): “Not going back to 3-2, that’s the only regret I have in the game, because the difference between the two teams existed. In the collective expression, we managed a few times to put them in difficulty. We could have gone back to 2-3. The Parisians’ victory is not debatable, but the score is severe. But, they set the record straight in terms of efficiency. It’s a difficult place here, as we know. Me, in the defensive sector, I am very touched because we lacked a lot of players. That’s a lot of absences for a match of this level. That does not explain not everything, but at some point it ends up failing ”.

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