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Angers coach asks for Neymar’s jersey in the middle of a match

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 4, 2020

“Hey Ney, could you give me your jersey at the end?” No, this sentence does not originate from a young ball picker or a frozen Parisian fan. It is Stéphane Moulin, the coach of Angers, who broke this demand in the middle of the conference versus PSG. Faced with the incomprehension of Neymar, most likely not utilized to such a demand from a coach in the middle of a match, Moulin even firmly insisted by restating his demand. “It’s nice,” he then included, as the Brazilian restored his put on the pitch, as video footage from the Football Club Channel. The mindset of the coach of the SCO has something to challenge, while his group lost really greatly 6-1 at the Parc des Princes.

Moulin compliments PSG forwards

At the end of the match, Moulin had actually likewise thoroughly applauded the PSG enemies: “We were transfixed by the individual qualities of this Paris team, collectives too. They have regained their offensive efficiency, no luck for us. Their talent finally speaks. When you close one door, they open another. We had a good attitude, that was not enough. ”

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