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Edinson Cavani considered retirement

ByRoborto Sykes

Oct 6, 2020

After several months of waiting, Edinson Cavani has just found a new club and a major club moreover, namely Manchester United. A nice rebound for El Matador following his seven-year experience with PSG. Despite his 33 years, the Uruguayan is very motivated for this new challenge. However, before diving back, he still asked himself a few questions., like having to stop or not his football career.

“Family comes first”

In a statement made during the radio show “ Punta back “, the top scorer in the history of PSG has indeed admitted that he was on the verge of hanging up his crampons this summer. A reflection he had when he had been infected with the coronavirus in the company of his wife. ” The health of the family comes first. Of course, I thought about the idea of ​​quitting football, he confided. I finally resisted this possibility of quitting playing and staying on the pitch and continuing to devote myself to my football life hoping that it all passes. Within the family, we suffered from Covid-19 and to be honest it was painful because of the fear that it would wake up. Thank god we got over it and here we are “.

Otherwise, Cavani also indicated that he has a little concern about not finding the challenge that suits him. and see all the doors close. “ There are things that are not given because they should not be given. I am of the opinion that in life things come when they should and sometimes, even if you want to very much, if it doesn’t have to happen then it doesn’t. A lot of uncertainty and anxiety have been generated. The days started to pass and I saw my family, friends and everyone wanting to know where I was going to play. Today, we are here, happy with the decision (to join MU) and put on this jersey “, Concluded the neo-Mancunian.

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